FabFitFun Editor’s Box Review REBOX Challenge

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You’ve seen all kinds of great unboxings. So, what I thought I would do is go beyond the first impression, providing reviews once each product has been used. If the product fails to pass the challenge, it will fall victim to the REBOX, going back into the box to be “returned to sender.”

Today’s challenge is the Editor’s Box from FabFitFun. This was my first box, so I used a referral code to get $10 off and paid just $39.99 (you can too by clicking here). My box was valued at over $305, which means I got almost 87% off the retail value of the items included!!


The first product I used from my box was the Trina Turk, Turkish towel, which is valued at $78 and gets my “standard” stamp, i.e. happy it was in my box, but not excited enough to buy another.

Photo Credit: Trina Turk

First of all, we have to stop calling this a towel, I was so confused on initial unboxing. Blanket fits much more appropriately; however, it isn’t very soft, nor is it very absorbent, but it is SUPER CUTE! It’s the kind of blanket you would bring along with you to a concert, or to picnic, or even out on the boat (like me). I did notice that it snags easily and that there were a few imperfections in the fabric from the manufacturing process (perhaps great items like these are factory seconds?). All in, this isn’t something I would have paid full price for, but I was more than happy to pay the $5 I paid as 1 of my 8 full-size items in my box!

Next up is the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer, which is valued at $38           (I totally validated this on multiple cosmetic sites) and gave this one my “expedite” stamp, as in please expedite me another!

Photo Credit: Amazon

I was so excited to get a primer in my box as I love using primers! It has a really nice shimmer to it, it is non-greasy, and the slight tint blends perfectly. It even claims to improve skin’s texture over time … BONUS! And, unlike other primers I’ve tried, this one has little to no scent. I would totally purchase this at full retail and am stoked to have received it in my FabFitFun box.

I found a great deal on Amazon to buy this item directly:

Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more Luminizer Prime

That same night, I gave the Whish Beauty Creme Cleanser a try. It came in Rice Milk + Rose and is valued at $24 and is my first “RETURN TO SENDER” stamp (unfortunately, this one went back in the box)

Photo Credit: Whish Body

It smells amazing y’all, you definitely pick up hints of rose. But, after using it, it was a pretty big let down. It is super runny, not at all the consistency you would expect from a creme cleanser. It does; however, leave your skin feeling nice and smooth and refreshed. But, because of the consistency of the product, I have to REBOX this one!

This next one is my absolute FAVORITE SURPRISE from the Editor’s Box. AHAVA’s Mineral Hand Cream, valued at $33 and gets my “expedite me another please” stamp!

Photo Credit: FabFitFun

Such an incredibly fresh scent. It’s called “water” and it’s a light airy smell that immediately transports you to the Dead Sea. The consistency is robust, which means this 5.1oz bottle will last a while. It leaves your hands feeling smooth and its non-greasy formula has me totally addicted! I’m crossing my fingers that FabFitFun will make this an add-on item to one of their future boxes. Total surprise and absolutely worth the value and would buy it at full retail.

I found a smaller size at a great price on Amazon:

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream with Active Dead Sea Minerals

Ok, this is the product (believe it or not) that got me to sign up for FabFitFun. Understated Leather’s Free People Starry Eyed Cooling Eye Mask, valued at $40.

Photo Credit: Understated Leather

WARNING: this mask did not smell good coming out of its package, let it air out a little before you try it; also, do not leave this in the freezer for more than 10 minutes or it will turn to a brick of ice.

Indulgent Treats (Pros): cooling feature is great, the adjustable strap means it will last even as the elastic naturally expands, and the design is adorable

Basic Blunders (Cons): it gets really hot over your eyes during the night

My second favorite surprise in the Editor’s Box, the YUMI KIM Makeup Train Case, valued at $58 and receiving my “expedite me another please” rating!

Photo Credit: YUMI KIM

Talk about capacity! I usually have to take 2-3 smaller makeup bags with me when I travel to get all my makeup, toiletries, and makeup brushes there with me. This bag CHANGED MY LIFE! So much easier just to toss it all in one bag and I love the separate compartment for the brushes (keeps things clean).

Bonus feature: this one actually shipped damaged so it gave me an opportunity to learn how great FabFitFun’s customer service is. I instant messaged them one picture of the broken zipper and they had a replacement to me, free of charge, within a week.

Next we have a shower gel from KORRES, valued at $18.50 and earning my second “RETURN TO SENDER” stamp!

Photo Credit: KORRES

Mine came in Japanese Rose and I gotta tell you, I’m not a fan of the scent. It’s not floral enough for rose and not fresh enough for a shower gel. The packaging is super underwhelming too, so this one goes back into the box! #REBOX

Finally, (and yes, I did save the BEST for last) I got the SPONGELLE Body Wash Infused Buffer! Valued at $16, worth every penny and earning my “expedite me another please” stamp!

Click here to get 15% off your SPONGELLE

Literally the BEST smelling product … In fact, I highly recommend that you stop everything and click the image above to order one for yourself at 15% off, it’s that good! Even the packaging is luxurious with the gold embossed words and often a ribbon pull at the top! This sponge exfoliated my skin like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It comes pre-loaded with lathering cleanser and after you use it, you feel like a million bucks, totally rejuvenating!

That rounds out my eight full-size products from my FabFitFun Editor’s Box! So, I guess you’re wondering … did it pass the REBOX Challenge?

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YES!! In fact, I immediately signed up for the annual subscription and am begging them to “expedite me another please!” This subscription is such an incredible value. Even if you take out the two items that I did REBOX, the remaining six cost me less than $7 each!! I don’t know how they’re able to partner with so many amazing brands, but I’m obsessed!

Disclaimer: no items are actually being returned for any value, this is just an expression I chose to use; the opinions shared here are solely my own, I was not paid in any way to provide these product or subscription reviews; however, some of my links are affiliate links.

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