Gender Blindness

“Research found that women who believed in focusing on men’s and women’s similarities (i.e. “gender blindness”) felt greater power and confidence than women who advocated celebrating women’s distinctive qualities (i.e. “gender awareness”).” 

Gender Bias

Gender blindness is simply a different approach to achieving equality. It does not advocate ignoring differences, but it does encourage deemphasizing them. It’s about focusing on similarities, but, more importantly, focusing on what makes others distinctly unique as an individual (versus a man or a woman). 

Blindness helps remove male connotations on key traits that are important to getting ahead in business, like assertiveness, competitiveness, and risk taking. By deemphasizing their association with gender, women are more likely to recognize those traits within themselves and tend to feel more confident. The key is to eliminate “the idea that women have different skills and abilities, because they don’t.” 

The quest is not to act more like a man, it is simply to disassociate specific traits with specific genders; and, blindness helps diminish the idea that certain qualities are associated with men or women. Use this approach to boost your confidence and remind yourself that “you are just as entitled to opportunities and advancement as anyone around you.” 

Focus on the similarities that bind us together, after all, I share 99.9% of my DNA with you: link to full article

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Source: Martin, A., & Phillips, K. (2018). Women Benefit When They Downplay Gender (N. Torres, Ed.). Harvard Business Review, 96(4).

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