Is it time to replace your makeup brush with a beauty blender?

Have beauty blenders reached a point where they can render the makeup brush obsolete?

To find out, I decided to give the popular beauty blender a try.

I was thrilled when my blender sponge arrived in the original, hot pink, color! My first word of advice, watch a good YouTube video prior to giving your new beauty tool a try. Here’s a great tutorial if you’ve never used a blender sponge before:

Tip 1: make sure you soak your blender in water prior to using, ring out the excess water and wait to see your sponge expand prior to applying foundation

  • Pros: soft and smooth application that leaves your skin looking fresh and airbrushed
  • Cons: absorbs a little product, which means you end up using more than other application tools

Tip 2: clean your sponge after every use and place in the top of the original packaging to allow the sponge to air dry

If you’re looking for more coverage, use your favorite tool for your base application (my go-to is a brush). Next, use the beauty blender to smooth any lines, achieving the same great airbrushed look without losing the excess product.

So, for me, I will be adding the beauty blender to my tool kit, but I won’t be letting go of my favorite brushes!

Ready to give a beauty blender a try? Click here: beautyblender original: The Original Makeup Sponge for Foundations, Powders & Creams

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*Note: affiliate link utilized to share the beauty blender 

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