Top 5 Ways to Beat the Business Travel Blues

Does traveling for business increase your anxiety and leave you feeling tired and worn out? Well, you’re not alone. Research shows that business travel often leads to increased levels of stress, interrupted sleep, unhealthful eating and drinking, and lack of exercise. Which, among other health risks, increases the risk of depression by 127% and anxiety by 69% (adapted from Harvard Business Review, Sep-Oct 2018).

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So, what can you do about it?

Here are my top five ways to beat the business travel blues:

#1: Buy a Backup Set of Toiletries and Keep Them Packed & Ready to Go!

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Sounds pretty basic, but how many times have you gotten somewhere and realized you forgot to pack your toothpaste, perfume, or deodorant? You’ll be surprised how much anxiety you can alleviate with this simple travel hack. Use one of your cute Ipsy Glam Bags to keep a separate set of your favorite toiletries packed.

Here is my list, which is always packed and ready to go:

Travel Toiletries Kit

Click here for a great starter kit option on Amazon

#2: Find Your Go-To Carryon!

This next one is one of my favorite hidden gems. One of those things that after you’ve found it, you wonder how you ever survived without it before! A versatile carryon is a must for every business traveler. My go-to is Delsey’s Mobile Office.

Best carryon luggage, carryon bags, small suitcase
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The back acts as a small carryon suitcase that’s large enough for a couple days of clothes, your hair dryer (I can’t live without mine, so it always comes along), your makeup bag, shoes, and all overnight necessities.

Best carryon suitcase
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The middle part is perfect for your laptop, notebook, and all your business needs.

Best travel suitcases
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The front holds your wallet, business cards, pens, and sunglasses. And the best part is, you’ll never wait plane-side again!! It fits right under the seat in front of you … no flight attendant will believe you, but I’ve won every bet (fits every time).

These sell for around $239.98 on Deleys’s site, but Amazon has a one for under $100

#3: Coordinate Your Outfits to a Single Pair of Versatile Shoes

Eliminating the need for multiple shoes will lighten your load and help you transfer between flights, Ubers, and meetings with ease.

One of my favorite pairs is from Tory Burch, the Minnie Travel Ballet. These shoes are super comfortable, they fold nicely to pack away, and they coordinate with every outfit!

Best travel shoes
Photo Credit: Tory Burch

Find your Tory Burch style on Amazon

#4: Pack Your Own Pillow Case and Sheet

Total germaphobe alert. But, even if you’re not a germaphobe, the comfort of your own pillow case will definitely help you sleep better on the road. If you don’t want to travel with your own, always ask for a clean set of sheets when you check-in.

And if you are a fellow germaphobe, Amazon has the perfect travel “sleeping bag” sheet just for us: click here to check it out

Comfort while you travel
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#5: For 1-2 Night Trips, Travel Light with a Garment Bag

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this one out, but once I did, it changed my perspective on business travel (i.e. not so much of a hassle). I try to pack dresses whenever possible (less to coordinate with) and keep them wrinkle free by carrying them on in a small garment bag.

I re-used a retail garment bag for a long time, but recently upgraded to Delsey’s Lightweight Garment bag and highly recommend investing in something similar. The key benefit is the hanger handle on the interior, which means you hold the straps when you carry it around instead of the hangers themselves when you re-use a retail garment bag (saves your fingers). I also appreciate the extra storage with the exterior pockets.

Best Garment Bag, Travel Garment Bag
Photo Credit: Amazon

Delsey currently only has the more robust garment bags on their site, which retail for $99+, but Amazon has this lightweight version for around $50

Bonus Travel Hack: Find a Great Eye Mask

Another way to catch some extra zzz’s when you’re on the road, bring your favorite eye mask along!

I’m currently giving Understated Leather’s Starry Eyed Mask a try. See my full review under the FabFitFun Starter Box post.

Eye Mask, FabFitFun
Photo Credit: Understated Leather

This mask is currently sold out on Understated Leather’s site, but I found it on Amazon:

Free People Starry Eyed Sleeping Mask

Glam Product Reviews

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