Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Worth It?

Not sure which beauty bag to subscribe to? I wasn’t either, so I’ve been trying a few. This is my second Ipsy Glam Bag and, once again, I was pleasantly surprised. This month’s Glam Bag design is the most adorable one I’ve seen yet!

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Ipsy September 2018 Glam Bag
Photo Credit: Ipsy; September 2018 Glam Bag


I received five great products this month that were customized to my beauty profile:

Ipsy Glam Bag, September 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag, Are Ipsy Glam Bags Worth It?
Photo Credit:

I thought the black and gold eyelash bag was going to be my favorite thing about this month’s glam bag, but Ipsy had a subtle surprise that took the cake!

Ipsy Septemer 2018 Glam Bag
Photo Credit: Ipsy; Creative Credit:

Each of the products I received had a sassy or classy name and each brought a smile to my face:

  1. My Pretty Woman Nail Polish came in the “nude or nothing” color
  2. The Steve Laurant Blush shade, my personal favorite, came in “rose all day”
  3. Touch in Sol sent “no poreblem” primer
  4. The Luxie Beauty flat definer brush added some sass with their superhero “good night” series design (from the Suicide Squad movie)
  5. And the Skyn Iceland lip fix highlights that it’s a solution for “stressed skin”

How could you not love these clever twists?

Needless to say, I continue to feel that Ipsy is absolutely worth it! Stay tuned for my “beyond the first impression” in-depth review after each product has been used.

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About Ipsy: they charge $10 per month; you will receive 5 beauty products (usually sample-sized) that have been customized to your beauty profile; if you love something you received in your bag, you can order full-sized versions from their site at a discounted rate (most products offer 30% cash back) and by reviewing items you can earn points towards free glam bag add-ons; the other advantage of reviewing your items is that Ipsy will continue to customize your future glam bags based on your feedback

Glam Product Reviews

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