Is the Australian Pink Clay Face Mask as Magical as it Sounds?

Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask promises to detoxify and brighten. But, is it as magical as it sounds?

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The short answer is, yes!

Sand & Sky spared no expense, the packaging is gorgeous and the product itself comes in a luxurious metal jar that provides a substantial feel. My absolute favorite thing about Sand & Sky is that the face mask comes with its very own application brush (pictured above). In my opinion, there is  nothing worse than sticking your fingers down into a vat of product only for it to get stuck under your perfectly manicured nails.

The application brush makes it easy to hygienically apply an even coat of product and helps ensure that no product goes to waste. You will want to remove any makeup and cleanse your face before applying the mask. After layering on an even amount (a little goes a long way), wait for the clay mask to dry (about 10 minutes). You might feel the slight tingle of the detoxifying agent, but nothing too intense. Remember to rinse your brush under warm water after every use to extend its life.

I do recommend doing the mask when your significant other is glued to his football game or you might get some not-so-funny jokes coming your way.

Once the mask fully dries, you simply rinse your face with warm water. Your skin will instantly feel smooth and fresh. Overtime, I have also noticed a more even tone to my face with significantly fewer breakouts.

So what makes Australian Clay so special?

The Australian botanical infused pink clay mask has a 4-in-1 formula that detoxes, tightens pores, invigorates a dull complexion, and instantly boosts radiance. Sand & Sky’s unique mixture of Australian Bentonite and Kaolin is one of the purest clays in the world. Filled with high quality nutrients and minerals, its gentle enough for sensitive skin (which I have), while still delivering powerful results.

Said simply, the formula works. And if you use it routinely, you will see the difference! Target 2-3 times per week depending on your skin type; the more sensitive your skin, the less frequently you should use face masks to avoid adverse reactions.

The 2.1oz canister has lasted me well over 90-days at 2 uses per average week. But, there is a trick to helping your Australian Pink Clay Face Mask last

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Unlike many products that come sealed with a disposable top, Sand & Sky ships with a hard plastic seal that has a pop-up tab. KEEP THIS SEAL! Replace the reusable plastic seal after each use to avoid oxygen getting to your product and drying it out. I got lucky and stumbled on this trick; unfortunately, there is no mention of it on their packaging and some of my friends tossed theirs, which led to their product drying out before they had the chance to use it all.

You can find the face mask and brush kit on Amazon for $49 or if you want to buy in bulk, or have a friend you can convince to buy one too, you can get a 20% besties discount on Sand & Sky’s site (2 porefining jars for a total of 20% off).

*Note: the blue jar and pink jar are the same great product

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